Check Out The First Trailer for Call of Duty: Elite and Join the Beta

Earlier this morning, Activision dropped the bomb shell that it will offer a subscription based service. There has been mixed reaction from fans over the announcement. I, for one, am pissed because I was just about to do an article on whether or not Modern Warfare 3 would last more than 2 Map Packs! I really put some time and effort into that!

Anyways, a trailer for the service has appeared online giving details on what you can expect from the subscription. The cool thing is that you don’t have to pay to play Black Ops or MW3 online. So far, it does look like more than a social network. I was hoping that I could at least make my own maps, or have access to the zombie maps that were not released apart from the Limited or Prestige Edition of Black Ops. Plus, most of the stuff they are offering is available for free in Halo: Reach.

Beta testing for Call of Duty Elite begins this summer. You can sign-up to be apart of beta here:
Call of Duty: Elite

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