Call of Duty Wants to Milk Your Wallet

According to the Wall Street Journal, of all places, Activision has decided to experiment with the next Call of Duty. According to the report, players will have a monthly subscription fee to access “Call of Duty Elite”, a program designed to give those subscribed more privileges than non-subscribed users, such as map packs and comprehensive stat tracking. This will be a fee on top of any fees you already pay such as Live fees or Playstation Plus fees.

Now that I have reported the facts, I’ll go ahead and state my opinion as a gamer. This is entirely a bad idea and one I wholeheartedly condemn. I understand that this is business and that games like WoW manage to get away with having monthly fees. However, Call of Duty is not WoW. WoW is designed so users can become someone else in a new world, questing with friends and the like. Call of Duty is a game where you can pop-on for a little bit and kill some buddies. WoW continually has additions, fixes, and updates needing constant maintenance. Call of Duty gets an occasional bug fix via patch.

I don’t like WoW’s monthly subscription fee either, hence the reason I don’t play it. Although, I can understand where they’re coming from as there are tons of people modding and at the help desk. For Call of Duty, nobody moderates the matches or is at a help desk online. If someone decides to call you every grotesque word in the book, there isn’t anything you can do about it besides reporting them to Xbox Live or PSN.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 2 was a lot of fun, which I still play online. However, with fees for map packs, the game and the service, I’m spending $100+ dollars on a single game just so I can use a service that is already offered to me. They say you can still play online without subscribing, but it seems a little unfair for us poverish college students, or for those who can’t afford monthly fees to play a game we barely manage to save up for, only to be given half the package.

Other games do come out in November though, just to let you know. I might just need to change over my reservation from CoD to BF3.



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