Nerd Reactor Fan & Artist Struts Nerdzilla!

Justin Bogy

Artist and Nerd Reactor fan, Justin Bogy, was ecstatic to know what we were doing for the Nerd culture. So in turn he went ahead and made this awesome interpretation of our Nerdzilla mascot.


Nerd Reactor 'Nerdzilla' by Justin Bogy

I sat down with Justin to get an idea about his artistic style, and sources of inspiration.

Nerd Reactor: Why did you begin drawing?

Justin Bogy:  I had always drawn as a kid, and it was the only place that really made sense to me. The idea of portraying my imagination in a way for everyone to see, gives me a great sense of joy.

NR: We recently got invited to the Gnomon School of Visual Arts in Los Angles to experience a very cool gallery. Scott Patton who you might know under projects of Avatar, Thor, Iron Man 2 and many more had said almost the same things about how he got into drawing. Where do you currently look for inspiration?

JB: In anything, be it a song, a movie, other art or just emotions that I have at any given time. The quickest way to get hyped up for a picture, would be browsing movie trailers. They always get me excited.

NR: Speaking about movies, and their trailers. Which do you think looked better by the trailer alone: Captain America or Super 8?

JB: I always loved Spielberg’s work, and J.J. Abrams is nothing short of a creative genius, so definitely Super 8. Though I am sure Captain America will be fun.

NR: From the two movie trailers, what kind of inspiration can you say you have drawn from them, pun intended?

JB: I wasn’t so much inspired by Captain America, though it was a fun trailer. However Super 8 grabbed me, and brought my art to a new direction. Obviously all forms of art have emotions and feelings within them. Super 8 inspired me to try for a more mysterious, and eerie style. There are many other great trailers released lately in preparation for summer. My favorite of them being Transformers 3. I don’t usually focus on grander illustrations, but with such inspiration at my fingertips, my mind expands into the universe and compells me to draw on a more epic scale.

NR: Seeing you enjoy movies very much, would you say that would be a part of your career path one day? If not, what would be your dream job?

JB: Video Game designer, even more than a movie director. The idea of creating a whole world that can be explored, to the finest of details, and not being limited on time. To truly show a character and story develop, would be the greatest achievement for me.

NR: Do you have a favorite artist in either one of those genres?

JB: I browse a lot of art, so I don’t so much have a favorite artist, or even a favorite art style.

NR: What media do you use to create your work?

JB: Adobe Photoshop.

NR: You mentioned you were into web comics. Do you like the visual and literary creativity; one more than another?

JB: They both portray the stories development, regardless which is more detailed, they are both equally important to a story.

NR: What is your favorite comic book?

JB: There is a manga I have been reading since high school named “SGT Frog”. It is a comic filled with wacky characters, and witty retort. Sergeant Keroro character is much like myself.

NR: What are a few webcomics, artist or any media that you would suggest to our fellow Nerd Reactor readers that may not know what they are missing out on!

JB: There is a manga and anime called “Gurren Lagann” that is the epitome of all things epic and manly. If I recommend anything to anyone, that is at the top of my list.


NR: Very cool. So what kind of stylus/digital pen-pad do you use, or want to get and why?

JB: I used to use a Wacom Bamboo, but recently upgraded to a Wacom Intuos4M which I used when creating the Nerdzilla drawing.  Though I hear the Cintiq is the ultimate in drawing tools.

NR: That looks fancy. We like fancy technology. One last question. Speaking about the Nerdzilla, what was it that brought you to produce a drawing of our mascot?

JB: Nerdzilla really caught my eye. I have always liked chibis or animalistic characters in most animes. So I wanted to see what my imagination could conjure with something like him. I try and use what has already been shown, and over-exaggerate it. So a character that looked to be derived from Godzilla, can only mean wreaking havoc, and lots of explosions, large cities, and monster battles. I’m sure there will be lots of Nerdzilla adventures and battles to come.

NR: Nerdzilla is a force to be reckon with! Your imagination took you into a crazy cool direction. Much appreciated for the work you contributed and hope to see some more of those adventures and battles ink to the surface.

JB: Not a problem. Nerd Reactor rocks!

To check out more of Justin’s work, visit:  [email protected]

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