Google Wallet Makes Buying Easier; PayPal is Pissed Off

There are so many reasons to love Google. They took over online searches. Email. Online videos. Even Earth. Slowly but surely, they are taking over almost every aspect of our lives. And now, they are making payments even easier with their newest addition to the family, Google Wallet, taking over that bulky thing in your pocket. Trust and believe, this is going to big.


google wallet vision

At first with limited functionality, they plan to replace your wallet with your smart phone. Much like that MasterCard Paypass thing that really confused me (because really, how much time are actually saving?), you tap and pay. Actually, MasterCard Paypass is what Google Wallet will integrate with in its first stages of development.

But it is much more than that! The mobile app will be able to store multiple payment types, meaning all of your credit cards can be consolidated into your phone. And what really makes this even cooler, is that it really wants to replace your entire wallet. That means it will keep track of your gift cards, any loyalty or frequent buyer cards, and maybe even, in the future, boarding passes, tickets, ID, and maybe your keys! And much like Deals from Facebook, Foursquare deals, and whatever other location-based discounting application is out there, Google Wallet will sync with Google Offers (and probably Places) so when you tap and pay, your deals are automatically registered and used. Pretty neat, huh?

But not everyone is as excited as I am about this. Apparently, PayPal is suing Google, with the accusation that Google poached two of their past employees, who supposedly relinquished certain trade secrets about PayPal and the new service that they bought, Fig Card (which aimed to be much like what Google Wallet is trying to do). Needless to say, the two employees that Google supposedly poached work directly with Google Wallet and were probably the main purveyors of the new application. (Remember Fig Card? Or not? Apparently after Paypal bought them, is about the time the employees were “poached”). You can read more about the drama on the LA Times.

Personally, I am really excited about this. It’s about time for some Swiss-Army knife-like utility to make my ass and thighs feel more relieved of the bulky wallet, keys, and phone that I carry around. The only thing I am concerned about is if my phone is lost or stolen, I’m pretty much screwed. I’m not concerned of identity theft; I’m sure there are layers of password protection for all the utilities and with one simple click on online or on the phone, you can deactivate your phone and the Wallet. But it’s already hell enough when I lose my wallet, I can’t imagine what I’d be like when I lose it ALL.

the cry by munch

the cry by munch

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