EA Sports – It’s In The <s> Game </s> Get the F*#@ Out of My Building

The creative team over at South Park ripped EA Games a new game hole in this past weeks episode where Kyle Broflovski and Eric Cartman build an empire determined to help babies on crack with “Crack Babies Basketball”. The boys end up becoming an internet sensation, later selling their rights to EA Games, and unwittingly get screwed.

The episode stems from a pending lawsuit between EA Sports and the NCAA. The NCAA is claiming that EA used their athletes attributes in-game without approval or compensation to the student athletes. Ironically, student athletes are not allowed to be paid for almost anything while attending college and playing an accredited sport of any kind.  Which, is also mentioned in the episode.

EA Sports President Peter Moore was primarily ripped a new game hole in the episode. The president of the company seemed to have a huge target aimed right at him.

Enjoy the clip.


You can watch the full episode at South Park Studios dot com.

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