Thanos to Appear in The Avengers

Multiple reports are coming in that The Avenger may have another foe on their hands come May 4th 2012. According to trusted source, Thanos will appear in the film and will be one of the main villains.

Possible spoilers

If you remember, The Infinity Gauntlet was seen in Odin’s Vault in Thor. Marvel even brought the prop to Comic-Con last year and had it on display.

In Marvel lore, Thanos enlist the aid of traitor Asgardians, Manog and Tarakis, and storms Asgard in search of the secret artifacts. Thor is able to fend Thanos off but it would not be the last he would see of the tyrant. He then devises a plan to become All-Father of a race of new gods created by himself but before he can put his plan into action, he finds himself opposed by The Avengers.

Interesting stuff. Not sure how it will work into the movie but I’m sure it is going to be awesome.

From Comic-Con

In Thor

Source: Latino Review

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