Sweden Bans DoA: Dimensions

The European distributor of Tecmo KOEI and Nintendo made a small comment to EuroGamer Sweden stating that they will not be launching the game in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, for various reasons. One reason stated on NeoGAF was to enforce the country’s child pornography laws, stating that even in fiction, if a minor is presented in a pornographic situation, it is violating the law. Dead or Alive Dimensions features a game mode in which players can take photos of the characters. This mode was used as the foundation for this claim. Sweden has one of the strictest laws on Child Pornography.


As indicated in AkibaNews,

“DoA featuring a vast collection of indecent camera angles and the occasional semi-revealing underage 3D nipple … “might” have just push it a bit too far into the red zone.”

European gamers who pre-ordered it will get their money back and wait to see if it becomes available for them in the future. But, in the meantime, they will not be getting this game any time soon.


Source: AkibaharaNews and NintendoWorldReport

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