Super Action Man Takes Out Osama Bin Laden and Strikes Terror to Terrorists

Our good friends at have their own special awesome comic book called Super Action Man (S.A.M. for short). Why should you check this comic out? In the comic, Super Action Man took out Osama Bin Laden. Just days after the announcement of the comic, Osama Bin Laden was assassinated. Whoa. Remember, Captain America did it first when he socked Hitler in the face.

Here’s a little taste of the 80s-action-star-inspired hero taking a bite out of terrorist ass.

Super Action Man is a combination of all our favorite 80s action star including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean Claude Van-Damme, Sylvester Stallone and even Steven Seagal. When things goes wrong and the American security is being threatened, you can count on S.A.M. to take out the terrorists, whether it’s slicing off their heads, choking them with their own intestines or clubbing them to death with their own limbs. He’s here to protect our rights to eat McDonalds and ogle at hot babes in a free economy.

Super Action Man is written and created by Jonathan London and is published by 215 INK, with Ace Continuado and Peebo Mondia as artists. Available now in the May edition of Previews – order code MAY111224. Check out 215 Ink for more information.

Check out Super Action Man in the flesh below.

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