Rift, It’s Like WoW, but Not

Thanks to our awesome friends at Direct2Drive, Rift was on half price this week! So we grabbed it.

Released just a few months ago, the MMO Rift from Trion, now has a decent sized player base along with most of the technical glitches worked out. Although it plays much like WoW, Rift has some changes that pleased me, but a few differences that just made me frown. Any MMO released this decade will be compared to World of Warcraft, the true giant of this world. Trion’s dabble in this is Rift, a medieval high-fantasy themed game that revolves around a four class system with base tank, healer and two damage basic groups. Although focusing mostly on solo questing, Rift also has ample amounts of PvP action and an instance system much like WoW’s.

I keep comparing the two games but with Trion’s advertising slogan being “We’re not in Azeroth Anymore,” how could I not? It was a direct shot at Blizzard and their target audience, of which I am a part of. I’ve played every MMO since the dawn of Runescape and the beginning of Everquest. Still the dominant one has to be WoW. Simply, Rift is a great game, but in no way the “WoW Killer” that many people rave about every time a shiny new MMO is announced. Leveling from 1-20 in 12 hours in game time as a primary healing class, I felt extremely discouraged from continuing. Clerics are currently ridiculous. You are easily able to destroy 3-5 enemies at a time, while taking no damage due to constant healing from both your melee damage and your spells. I tried all the other classes up to level 10, but by far the Cleric is the way to go.

The main problem I had in Rift was the inability to find a group for any instances, maybe its just at the lower levels, but it took me almost two days to find ONE instance group as a healer at that. So I don’t know exactly whats happening, but it needs to be changed QUICKLY.

PvP is rather interesting, although only having been able to participate in one main PVP zone, The Black Garden, I was still able to get a general feel. Currently again, I will say, that Clerics are the god class of this game. Very little skill is required to roll over multiple opponents while taking minimal damage due to the fact that you are wearing heavy armor and have insane amounts of healing.

So in conclusion, F*** Clerics.

Rift is a good game but still needs some serious tweaks and a larger player base. It’s a good concept in general.

Grade: C+

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