Battlefield 3 Will Have More Cursing, Yay!

Ever since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 took center stage, everyone is wondering where’s the new info on Battlefield 3.

It’s no secret that DICE is after Call of Duty’s money. Some fans are actually quite worried that DICE maybe leaning too much towards Call of Duty’s fanbase and that it may jeopardize the Battlfield franchise that they have come to know and love. Recently, BF3 Voice Over Producer, Tomas Danko, talked about some of the work he has been doing on the new FPS.

The game will probably have over 18,000 voice over files and DICE recorded at least 300 unique variations of “Man down!,” “Hostile down!,” “I took that fucker out!” and “That mother fucker is dead!”

The game will have significantly more cursing than Bad Company 2. When asked, if there was a way to turn off the excessive cursing, Tomas replied:

No way to disable cursing except turning down volume. It’s an 18 rated game!

It is a Mature rated game but I’ve never played a game and I thought to myself, “This game needs a good couple of ‘Fuck Yous’ right here.” I just hope the cursing is not as redundant as it was in Bulletstorm.

Source: Delta Gamer

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