Sony’s Longest E3 Press Conference in History

Keyboard cowboys, pad warriors and joystick jockeys alike look forward to E3 each and every year. And if you’ve been in the PS3 loop as of late you’ve probably been following Sony‘s troubles with the online attack by hackers, lawsuit controversy with Geohot, and the month long outage of PlayStation Network. This year it looks like Sony is going to be bring in the goods with a record breaking five hour press conference which will last from 5:00pm until 10:00pm on June 6th. This will be the longest press conference in E3 history.


Besides being able to test out the PSP successor the NGP (Next-Generation-Portable) rumors have hit the web about information being released on another God of War title, the release of a Metal Gear Solid Collection bundle, a PS3 port of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walkers, a PS3 and PlayStation Move price drop, and development partnership of Sony and Google.


So follow us at Nerd Reactor as we hit the Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles during E3 as we being you the news as it hits us.


[via Push-Start]

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