Hackers Aren’t Done Yet. Other Sony Websites Hacked

Poor Sony just can’t catch a break. In a news report from BBC, four additional Sony websites have been hacked. The amount of personal information stolen from each site varied from nothing to e-mails, passwords, and phone numbers. It is estimated that a total of 2,000 people alone from a Canadian Sony Ericsson site, and another 8,500 from a Greek Sony Music Entertainment site were affected. While these numbers seem paltry to the 100 million users of PSN and 25 million from SOE, it is still alarming to see other Sony online services fall victim to the hands of these hackers. According to DailyTech Idacha, a Lebanese hacker group have claimed responsibility for the attacks. Whether or not they are affiliated with Anonymous remains to be seen. Nonetheless, I hope Sony wises up after this, otherwise I hope they have enough money for the many lawsuits they’ll have on their hands.

Source: DailyTech, BBC News

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