Direct2Drive, Helping You Become Even Lazier!

Looking for that quick fix but dont want to leave the safety of your own home due to radioactive shark monsters? Then do we have a solution for you! Direct2Drive is the best way of getting around that nuclear fishicide. Instead of going to your local video game dealer, getting shown the newest, shiniest stuff and getting ripped off for a box, pick yourself up free a D2D membership at Instead of having a billion Cds laying around, collecting dust, just asking to get scratched, D2d stores all your games online so you can re-download them at any point and time.

Its not only quick, but extremely simple, with constant sales and new offers they know how to keep their stuff updated well. It honestly beats going to a store, i mean at times things like collector’s editions are more popular physically due to the extra stuff inside. but if your like me and care more about the game rather than fancy making of DVD that i’ll more than likely never watch, then D2D is for you.

So next time instead of dealing with traffic, parking, unsightly body odors, and the possible mutant shark zombie invasion, try D2D, i promise you wont be disappointed. .

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