Riot Games is Giving Power Back to the Players

Riot Games, the creators of the online phenomenon of competitive gaming, League of Legends, has just released the Tribunal system. What does this mean exactly? Well, now max level (30) players can vote on the outcome of cases of player harassment, abuse, feeding (intentionally helping the enemy team), and many others. The way this system is set up is that if you feel uncomfortable about a case you may just skip it, but for every case that you give, the correct verdict on you are awarded influence points (used for buying many things in the game).

This is a step in the right direction for competitive gaming. It creates a sense of true democracy, where you are rewarded for voting fairly and logically. Being a zealot is not rewarded but actually punished by decreasing the number of votes you may have and lessening your potential number of points for the voting period.

Congratulations Riot Games, you have successfully created a system that allows everybody to use logic and have created a real player base that wont be full of douche-bags that just troll forums all day.

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