Ghost Recon Online Free-to-Play Beta Starts This Summer

Ubisoft has decided to make a free-to-play spin-off of one of its most well-known titles, simply named Ghost Recon Online. There aren’t any details regarding in-game advertisements, equipment, or ammo that can/must be purchased, so it’s a bit of a mystery as to what their plans are for the game.

Ghost Recon Online will have “a rich lobby platform for hosting social and persistent progression features”. There will also be “a full set of services, including regular events and game content updates, customized content based on community feedback, and live support.” There will be three classes for players to choose from, as well as customizable weapons.

Their other game, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, was pushed back to 2012. Maybe the free online version will act as an advertisement itself.

The Beta will be happening this Summer, so if you’d like to be in it, you might want to sign up right now.

Via: VG24/7

Here’s the trailer for Ghost Recon Online:

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