DiRT 3 Out Today. Does This Trailer Convince You to Buy It?

Yes, it is May 24th, and that means that DiRT 3 is finally out. You might be reading this at work or school, so if somehow you haven’t yet made up your mind, maybe the trailer will finally convince you that you probably do want a new racing game. Some of the cooler features in the game are the new online modes. One will have you racing against other players to smash cardboard cutouts of aliens while avoiding hitting the building cutouts. Then there’s a “tag” game, which looks to be fun. What will probably be the best addition though, is a capture the flag mode. DiRT 3 has also been getting good reviews (an 88 average on Metacritic), so maybe that will help with the convincing.

Check out the launch trailer:

If you want to see how the cars crash in this game, check this out:

How about some capture the flag gameplay?

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