PSN Hack to Cost SONY $170,000,000: 010101 HAXORZ


It is being reported that the malicious hack attacks that released confidential credit card, and personal information to the online community of hackers from the PSN network is going to initially cost SONY a whopping $170 million.

Not only will the SONY Corporation take this massive hit by the end of the fiscal 2012 year, but also the looming fear for years to come. Well that’s not all, it gets worse. SONY has said to their loyal investors that a total net loss of, you ready for this, $3.1 billion will have to be taken by the end of the fiscal 2012.

100 million hacked accounts later, attempts to save face, an economic recession, a country in crisis, and an animated game with hands on plot story telling with traces of a movie we’ve all seen before (L.A. Noire) – yeah, SONY you got this. Here’s to SONY on the rebound, cheers!



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