Buy a Windows 7 PC Get Xbox 360 Free

If you are looking for a new PC and also looking to buy an Xbox 360 but don’t have the cash to buy both. Well, Microsoft has something for you. According to the WindowsSteamBlog any student who buys a Windows7 PC over $699 will get a free Xbox360. You will receive a 4gb Xbox 360 when you make the purchase, I guess. The requirements to get this is: the person must have a .EDU email address to purchase it on,, or Microsoft Store website; if you don’t have a .EDU email or just prefer to go to a store make sure you bring your student ID to Best Buy or Microsoft Store.

Each store will have may have different requirements aside from what is said here. So please check with your local stores before going. This offer lasts from 5/23-9/3 or while supplies last. Since I already own both items this would not do me any good. But I know some people out there looking to get both but cant pay for both. So this would be great for those people. For more info please check out the source.




Source MicrosoftSteamBlog

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