8-Minute Resistance 3 Campaign Video Is on a Boat! No, Really!

Yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about. This new video of Resistance 3’s single-player is almost as real as it gets, except they forgot their flippy floppies. The campaign will be taking Joseph Capelli from Oklahoma to New York City in an attempt to take out the Chimera infestation. Hell, I’d do that and more to get out of Oklahoma. According to Sony’s blog, Joseph has a “chance visit” by a xenobiologist, Dr. Fyodor Malikov, and the two make their way to New York to deal with the Chimera. Just what are the chances of a xenobiologist meeting the one guy who is supposed to stop them? Well anyway, Resistance 3 also sports some new artificial intelligence for the enemies that allows them to change their roles (defense, offense, scouting etc.), making play-throughs better tailored to individual players.

The Playstation blog also talked a little about the multi-player mode, saying that players won’t be shoehorned into very specific roles such as medic, sniper etc. Instead, you can combine different abilities and be, for example, a sniper who is also a medic. Sounds pretty cool. There will also be killstreak bonuses, which will be different depending on whether you’re a chimera or human (optical camouflage for chimeras, and high-powered grenade launchers for humans, for example).

There’s also a mention of a beta happening sometime later this year, although there’s no telling how gamers will be able to participate. Those who bought Socom 4 already have their beta access key though.

Source: Playstation blog
Via: Joystiq

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