Special 3DS SpotPass Events at Best Buy Starting June 7th

The 3DS’ eShop will soon be opening up on June 6th and with it, your ability to download Game Gear, Game Boy and all-new games specific to 3DS. To promote the 3DS and its Wi-Fi abilities, Nintendo has announced starting on June 7th, gamers who bring their 3DS systems to Best Buy will have access to exclusive movie trailers and gaming extras. I’m assuming those movie trailers are in stunning 3D. The events will take place at around 1000 Best Buy locations, so check with your local store.

This event happens on the first day of E3, so after you’re done watching Nintendo’s press conference, head on out to Best Buy. Who knows, it might be a great chance to start up a temporary portable Super Street Fighter IV 3DS arcade.

Source: Nintendo

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