‘Bridesmaids’ Movie Is Not as Chic-Flicky as You Think

Starring in her first leading role in a feature-film while also co-writing and co-producing, Kristen Wiig gives us a refreshingly comedic and hilarious script that makes all of us laugh and wish that more comedies had the same set of qualities. I definitely will go as far to say that it appeals to both males and females and everything in between.

You might recognize Kristen from Saturday Night Live. She joined the cast circa 2005 and has been increasingly out-performing herself in funny rolessuch as Surprise Sue, which is my personal favorite of all of her characters. She’s appeared in a number of films, as a bitchy, stoic and hilarious boss in Knocked Up, and also the voice of the despicable Miss Hattie, the orphanage manager, in Despicable Me.

The movie takes place in Chicago and Annie’s (Kristen Wiig) best friend (played by another ex-SNL cast member and equally hilarious, Maya Rudolph) selected Annie to be her maid of honor in her upcoming wedding. Annie deals with a lot of strange occurrences throughout the movie with the bizarre selection of bridesmaids and has to deal with her own troubles as a beaten-down, lost, and awkward girl looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. But before you think this turns into a drama (and at one point, it kind of does), Kristen’s comedic ways are subtle yet striking and not of the norm. It’s not slap-stick humor, but awkward, relateable humor that is almost satirical on our human day-to-day experiences.

screenshot from bridesmaids movie

The real amusement comes from the synergy of the women casted to play the rest of the bridesmaids. Including people like Deputy Clementine Johnson from Reno 911, Wendi McLendon-Covey lends her abrasive raunchiness alongside a character who pretty much guarantees laughter from you every time she opens her mouth, the overweight and lesbionic-but-not-actually Megan played by Melissa McCarthy, an underrated actress in the comedic world. I hope this role is her catalyst to being in even more films with more of her dialogue. These are just a few of the more notable characters, as the entire casting I think was done very well.

My favorite character was Helen, played by beautiful Rose Byrne, who is the ultimate chic in lovable bitchiness. If you thought Regina from Mean Girls was good, wait til you see her. She did a great job being the character that you wanted to hate, but can’t help but love. You can expect to also see Rose Byrne in the upcoming film, X-Men: First Class playing Dr. Moira MacTaggart.

The movie has a very strong opening full of non-stop laughter, and hilarity ensues for a good portion of the film. It kind of takes a short halt about 3/4 ways through the film to work on some character development of Annie, which I felt lasted just a little too long for me. But it didn’t last long because it was literally long, but because the movie trained me to laugh every other second, so I was a little bit sad when it came to the important parts.

So before you send your girlfriend off with her girl friends to see the movie, tag along with her. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. And maybe you’ll get some ideas for your bachelor and wedding parties.

Grade: A+

And now I leave you with some memorable quotes from the movie:

I just took a shit in the middle of the street… -Lillian

Sometimes, I just want to watch The Daily Show without him entering me… -Rita

I want balls in my face… BALLS -Rita

I read your diary. At first I didn’t know it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad handwritten book… -Brynn

Oh and did I mention that Mad Men‘s John Hamm is in the movie as a douchey and funny f*** buddy of Annie’s? Yeah. He’s just great. Go watch it now!

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