Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3DS Review

Samurai Warriors Chronicles is another hack and slash game from the creators of Dynasty Warriors, based on the Sengoku period in Japan.

SWC is a single player action game focusing on using two buttons, slight character customization, and weapon upgrades. While the story is….. extended, it is not very immersive and feels more like reading a history book rather than playing a game.

Combat is fun and quick, but always feels like its just lacking something. After finishing the main story line, I can honestly say that it was one of the most dry and bland games to date. Rather than take a comedic approach to the genre like the famed Devil Kings, Tecmo Koei decides to give us these map sequences before the start of a mission, usually lasting anywhere from three to five minutes that have you mashing the start button, trying to skip this before you end up tossing yourself into oncoming traffic.

Not everything in this game was fail. The Japanese voiceovers were wonderful, and for any native Japanese speaker I am sure that the conversations would be much more enjoyable. What truly holds this game firmly as my favorite current 3DS release is the graphics. The CG sequences were amazingly well done in 3D, and even the conversations were well done. Gameplay graphics were also above par, although enemies were just numerous clones, it’s expected from a musou game. Controls are simple and customizable.

The only problems I ran into only occurred when I had my 3D on. Upon entering combat with large groups of enemies, then decapitating them with my numerous flashy techniques, the game began to slightly lag. I only hope this isn’t a sign that the processor isn’t able to handle what Nintendo had promised us and is just a programming flaw within the game.

Overall, while this isn’t the most riveting story. This is currently (in my opinion) the best title available for the 3DS. So enjoy spamming those buttons and chopping down your enemies like a pissed of lumberjack on Christmas, because this game is truly a test for those new pressure resistant buttons on your handheld.


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