StarHawk’s ‘Build and Battle’ Feature Lets Players Place Objects in Real Time

Sony has just announced their new game, StarHawk, a PS3 exclusive and spiritual successor to WarHawk that features third-person shooter gameplay and vehicle combat. Players will take on the role of Emmett Graves, a man who gets infected by Rift energy, has to undergo surgery, and becomes an “Outcast”. He then becomes a gun-for-hire, protecting those who have the means.

Here's the "Build and Battle" feature in action. The green light shows where the player is about to place a building.

Light Box Interactive is bringing a brand new mode to their game called “Build and Battle” in multi-player and single-player, which allows players to place certain types of buildings and objects onto the battlefield in real time. All buildings will be destructible. It sounds a bit like Red Faction is having its toes stepped on.

Source: Youtube

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