Video of Diablo 3’s Followers – Enchantress, Scoundrel, and Templar

A video of the followers that will appear in Diablo 3 has just recently been leaked. Blizzard apparently confirmed that the video was real, and then officially released it. The followers first appeared in Diablo 2, and basically they are killers-for-hire who can aid you in battle. The video shows footage of three of the followers: The Enchantress who uses magic, the Scoundrel whose primary weapon is a crossbow, and finally the Templar who uses a type of pole arm. They can also equip armor which will change their appearance.

The followers look to have a total of 12 skills each, and are allowed to have 4 skills equipped at a time:
The Enchantress
Level 5 skills: Disorient, Forceful Push, Charm
Level 10 skills: Decoy, Reflect Missiles, Powered Armor
Level 15 skills: Focused Mind, Amplify Damage, Lowered Resistance
Level 20 skills: Energize, Energy Bomb, Guidance
The Scoundrel
Level 5 skills: Rapid Fire, Crippling Shot, Poison Bolts
Level 10 skills: Dirty Fighting, Bandage, Scavenge
Level 15 skills: Power Shot, Multi-Shot, Rain of Gold
Level 20 skills: Vanish, Anatomy, Black Market
The Templar
Level 5 skills: Heal, Charge, Protection
Level 10 skills: Loyalty, Intimidate, Guardian
Level 15 skills: Tribute, Inspire, Intervene
Level 20 skills: Onslaught, Knight, Empathy

See all of the followers in action:

Source: MMO Culture, Youtube
Via: Joystiq

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