How to Get Your Girlfriend to Buy a 3DS (So That You Can Use It)

Okay, so the Nintendo 3DS has come out, and while it might have a few games you’re interested in, that $250 price tag is just too much for a lot of gamers right now considering there aren’t many must-have games for it yet. So, what do you do? You could throw it on the credit card and move to Mexico, but I think there’s an easier solution: get your girlfriend to buy it, or get her to want to receive it as a gift.

It's been scientifically proven that females cannot resist puppies. Heck, any reading now have probably already said 'AAaaawwww' at least once.

Now, honestly, it’s pretty simple. First off, the 3DS takes 3D pictures. Girls absolutely love taking pictures. In addition to 3D, by using their AR cards, they will be able to come up with all kinds of adorable pictures they’ll giggle uncontrollably over. The downside of all of this is that you will probably be involved with the picture taking. The lucky few of you will only have to play cameraman. If, heaven forbid, you are in any embarrassing photos involving virtual puppies/kitties, just try to think of all of those joyful moments you’ll be having with Super Street Fighter IV 3D.

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