Pre-Order Dark Souls, Get Collector’s Edition for $60

These days video games tend to go on sale only weeks after release. Namco-Bandai seems to be making a smart move to counter this by giving those who pre-order the game the collector’s edition. That’s right, it’s yours for the regular price, as long as you pre-order it. You will receive a limited edition art book, a mini-strategy guide, behind-the-scenes videos that depict various stages of the game, and the digital soundtrack which can be downloaded. Oh, and lastly, the game will come in its normal packaging, but encased in a custom-designed metal case (which I am totally a sucker for).

Check out some of the newest pictures of the game you will soon love/hate:

A Knight on a bridge!? Not again!


It's a trap! No, really!


With a great atmosphere like this, Dark Souls should be fun to explore.


Demon's Souls rarely had this many enemies attacking all at once.


Dude, behind you! Dude...nevermind.


Dark Souls is going to be so hard that even the water is out to get you.


Check out the official site, aptly titled, “prepare to die“.

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