Is This The Cover For Modern Warfare 3?

If you’re not sick of Modern Warfare 3 rumors already, and how could you not, here is some more. The guys over at Kotaku received this interesting image from a person claiming that it was the cover art for the new game.

There’s not much to backup the claim other than the guy is holding a gun and it says Call of Duty on it.

I’ve started to notice that some fans are claiming that Call of Duty stole the cover from Battlefield 3.

Yeah because a walking with a gun towards the camera is so original. In fact, Battlefield’s looks exactly the same as Bad Company 2’s. It’s like they took picture after the guy took a few more steps and is now in the center of the frame. Anyways, this is not cover art competition.

I highly doubt that this is cover for Modern Warfare 3. Hell, I could have made this. If you Google search Fast Five right now, half the website that come up are using my poster rather than the actually official one.



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