Ende of Pandora’s Tower Uses His Chain Weapon…A Lot.

There’s a new trailer out for Pandora’s Tower, the game in which Ceres must eat the flesh of monsters to get rid of a curse. This lengthy trailer introduces us to the main cast, and has a good amount of flashy action. Ende wields a variety of weapons, including a chain weapon, a form of pole arm, and swords. His chain weapon seems to be used for everything, from whacking enemies, and breaking objects, to hitting switches. It started to remind me of that Simpsons episode in which everyone starts using their guns for everything, including opening up their beer cans.

Hopefully Nintendo will announce this exclusive Wii game for a North American and European release at E3.

You’d think Nintendo would want their Wii game to look its best, but unfortunately there aren’t any hi-res videos yet:

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