EA Says Battlefield 3 Is Better than Call of Duty

Battlefield 3 will be going head-to-head with Call of Duty this Fall, but will enough of the mainstream FPS players take notice? Call of Duty is a well established brand, played by core gamers, but also by various people who play it simply because they know that everyone else plays it. So, even if Battlefield 3 is better, EA is going to have to push hard to get some attention.

EA’s Lincoln Hirshberger, Battlefield 3’s director of marketing, had this to say about the early release of gameplay footage:

We decided to go big early in order to establish a beachhead with a larger audience and so far the results have been fantastic.

Then there are these statements, which could only be about Call of Duty:

With Battlefield 3, we believe that we have superior technology and gameplay. The gaming press validated this at GDC with a slew of accolades. We just need for everyone else in the mainstream to know that too.

Last year, Battlefield Bad Company 2 earned better scores than the competition but, because Battlefield released in March, a lot of the mainstream Holiday hit buyers just weren’t aware that Battlefield was the better game. This year, we’re playing offense by launching Battlefield 3 in the holiday and we’re starting to get the word out early by kicking off our campaign to the mass market.

These marketing guys really know how to push the buttons of the gamers, don’t they? Are any of you Call of Duty players making the switch to Battlefield? How many of you are waiting to see what the new Call of Duty has to offer first?

Source: VG24/7

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