What You’ve Always Wanted To Do With Food But Couldn’t

Canada has given us plenty of things to be happy about. Pamela Anderson. Keanu Reeves. Maple Syrup. Even Trivial Pursuit. And now, we have one more thing to thank them for.

In a time where we are inundated with healthy eating tips and organic food, the guys over at Epic Meal Time (led by Harley Morenstein) rebel with heart-clogging vigor. They bring us their adventures in epic food creations, slapping together, what seems randomly but actually methodically, elements that will make chefs like Tom Colicchio keel over at the sight of it all. Take Man vs. Food but make it even more masculine and, well, epic.

Being fairly new to the Internet scene, the show took off amazingly well. When asked by John Berman of ABC News about their unexpected success, Harley says,

“Every single person eats. In this day and age, I feel like there is big emphasis on organic food, a lot of negative media in regards to obesity … and we are there eating this. And they are eating vicariously through us. And they get to enjoy that through us … We get messages from vegans … saying they watch Epic Meal Time … saying ‘I can’t not watch you every Tuesday. I wanna see what you’re doing.’ “

They go on to say that their big goal is “IMAX 3D: Epic Meal Time directed by Steven Spielberg.” I cannot wait to watch that!

I actually ran into them via Revision3, a special interest video network dedicated to bringing geeks like us entertainment.

This is their most recent episode, dedicated to Mothers’ Day. My favorite part of this episode is not only the bacon (which they use almost every episode) but their relentless use of Jack Daniels, my favorite liquor. What can I say? I’m from the south mother******! (Sorry, I just had to do that. Just watch the video).


Epic Meal Time releases a new episode every Tuesday, and have a YouTube account along with their channel on Revision3.

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