Anime Expo Announces Kalafina as First Musical Guest

After a months of waiting, SPJA’s Anime Expo officially announced Thursday night that Japanese Pop Trio, Kalafina, will be their first Musical Guest for this year. They are most well known for their theme songs for animes such as Black Butler and more recently Puella Magi Madoka Magica.  Attendees of the convention have been out of the loop with the guests going to Anime Expo for the past few months. After a long wait, they have decided to start announcing guests. With a little over 2 months left until the convention, Anime Expo better start announcing guests faster or attendees may be swayed toward other events occurring the same weekend.

Anime Expo started in 1992 and will be celebrating their 20th year anniversary this year.

Sources: AnimeNewsNetwork, Anime Expo’s Official Twitter

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