SEGA Announces Remake of Guardian Heroes for Xbox Live

There are a lot of sought-after Sega Saturn games, gamers, and this would be one of them. Sega has just announced that they will be remaking Guardian Heroes with newly enhanced HD graphics, and online co-op and battle modes. This game was originally made by Treasure, the fine folks who brought us Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun, Sin and Punishment, and many more old-school, hard-core games. For those not familiar with the series, Guardian Heroes is a beat-em-up similar to Castle Crashers, except it features more complex Street Fighter-like controls.

So, what’s in the game?

Action-RPG Brawling: Choose one of five heroes to level up and guide along a branching storyline with five different endings

Friends, Foes, and Fighters: Play the game’s Story Mode alone or with a second player, or challenge Versus Mode with up to 12 players at once

Extended Gameplay: Time Attack Mode, Arcade Mode, Arrange Mode and more allow players to explore every nuance of 45 different fighters

Fully Re-Mastered: All-new graphics and visual effects bring the classic to life in a completely high-definition, widescreen presentation

I really hope they don’t mess up this game like they did some of their other classic enhanced-graphics remakes. It’ll be out this fall on Xbox Live, and so far there’s no planned release for PSN.

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