Screencandy: Removable Fun

Screencandy is a fun new way to decorate your laptop, screen, or mobile device in an easy, non-after-sticky way. Screencandy comes in a large variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. It’s also easy to create your own for private businesses and is a great way to advertise. An easy alternative to screen painting, these *Stickers* are easy to peel off, are reapply-able, and can withstand some serious strain. Both translucent and opaque versions exist with designs ranging to almost anything you can imagine.

We had some fun with these, sticking them to people’s screens, glasses, phones, and just about anything we could find that would irritate somebody, but were pleasantly surprised when they discovered that no gunky glue would be left behind. So overall, these little over glorified decals are a fun way to decorate your device, even if they end up blocking important screen areas. Although fun, they aren’t too practical unless translucent. All in all, a great way to have a few laughs.

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