Rock of Ages – Use a Massive Boulder to Crush Your Medieval Foes

Atlus has painstakingly recreated what wars must have been like many eras ago. In Rock of Ages, you must use various units like war Elephants to protect your precious castle. While setting up units in real time, you must also use your massive, faced boulder to crush all enemies in your path. It’s very historically accurate.

I’m a little surprised this game wasn’t already released, because I remember seeing the ad for it on the back of E3 badges last year. Must have cost a pretty penny to do that. Let’s hope it wasn’t all in vain. There still isn’t a release date for this downloadable title for Xbox Live and PSN.

This first trailer shows you how you can set up units to defend your castle whilst gleefully boulder-ing over everything (yes, I did just make up a new word):

This second trailer is only about gleefully boulder-ing over everything:

Source: IGN Entertainment

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