Eurogamer Expo Gets a Taste of Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12

At first I was going to be really jealous that Europeans were going to be able to play Battlefield 3 before me (we Americans don’t play much of the football). Then I saw that the date of Eurogamer Expo is September 22-25th. So, well, I’m okay with that. I hope we get our chance at this year’s Comic Con, but either way, have fun playing Battlefield 3, everyone!

Here’s what EA’s UK Marketing Director, Stuart Lang, had to say:

Last year’s Eurogamer Expo was a huge success and we’re very happy to be supporting the show in force this year. We expect Battlefield 3 to blow people away when they get hands-on with it

and Rupert Loman, managing director of Eurogamer seems quite excited about his own show (and why not?):

We’re delighted that EA is supporting the show with such a fantastic line-up,” “This is just the first of many announcements in the run up to the biggest Eurogamer Expo ever.

For those who’d like to buy tickets, you might want to get on that.

Source: VG24/7

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