Sony Skips Out on Congressional Hearing

The ongoing PSN debacle continues. Just recently reported, Sony has declined to appear before the United States Congress. The House of Representatives sent a letter to Sony Chairman Kazuo Hirai last Friday, demanding Sony answer 13 very specific question about he breach in security on the Playstation Network. Congress also sent in invitation to Sony to appear before a Congressional hearing, which they declined.

Subcommittee Chairwoman Representative Mary Bono Mack, recently spoke with the New York Times.

“While we understand the company is going through a tough time with this, there are certain questions that need answering.”

Recently, a Sony representative said the company will respond to the questions but the company could not attend the hearing because it is currently tied up in the investigation.

Industry analysis say backing out of the appearing before congress is a bad move by Sony. Already, many shareholder are calling for the resign of the current CEO.

“The leadership of Sony is not in a good place right now, which could lead to Stringer stepping down and may sabotage Hirai’s chances of succeeding as the CEO.”

“The way Sony handled the whole thing goes to show that it lacks the ability to manage crises, The current CEO should step down after the hacker problems and the company’s failure to push out products that are competitive.”

“Investors said Sony and 69-year-old chief executive Stringer had botched the data security crisis, a further blow for the company which has struggled to match recent hit products from rivals including Nintendo, Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc”

You just can’t keep out of news can you Sony?

Source: Reuters, Gamasutra

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