Nintendo Will Build Up Third-Party Support for Wii’s Successor

Even with the Wii being as well sold as it has been, it has arguably the worst total system sales to quality third-party support ratio in the history of video games. So, what will Nintendo do with its next console to ensure that this doesn’t happen again? Well, during the financial results briefing for Nintendo’s fiscal year, Mr. Satoru Iwata participated in an extensive interview concerning their current and future business. While everyone is still speculating on what kind of controller “Project Cafe” will have, the games it may have are arguably just as important.

Iwata admits that Wii owners may have bought multi-platform games on other systems based on their graphical quality:

Wii is good in some areas but not in others, so especially for games like “Call of Duty,” the Wii version sold pretty well, but the unit sales were very different from the versions of other platforms, and I assume that one of the reasons is the issue with the graphical representations which you mentioned before, and also, the consumers who like that kind of game will have other platforms at home as well, which led to this result.

Here he says that Nintendo wants to make sure that third-party developers want to publish games on their next system, but he won’t give up any information on how powerful Wii’s successor will be:

Of course, we would like to cooperate with software developers for Wii’s successor, and as I am repeatedly saying, I don’t believe Nintendo can carry out everything alone. I am saying that we are responsible for building up the market, but I don’t think that Nintendo can maintain the market alone; We are aiming for creating a situation where software publishers will be willing to cooperate. As for commenting on such things as the performance, I already stated in the beginning that I would not mention any specific plans. Thank you for your understanding.

Iwata was also asked what Nintendo would be doing to expand the game development resources for the launch of Wii’s successor:

Of course, Nintendo will continue to run a business by creating Nintendo-like games, but we will not be able to meet the various tastes of consumers by only doing this, so I feel that it will become necessary to reinforce the development resources in the foreign countries. Therefore, I hope we will be able to show you something like that at E3.

In this last statement it is unclear as to whether or not he is talking about third-parties or second-parties, but apparently we’ll only have to wait until E3 arrives in a month. It’s a smart move by Nintendo to bolster their developmental support. The Wii has some great games on it, but really, there just aren’t enough of them. Any Wii owner who puts a significant amount of time into gaming would probably need one of the other systems to be satisfied. Nintendo has thus far chugged along on its own exclusive content, but it’s quite risky to have relatively low third-party support. If consumers ever felt that Nintendo’s consoles weren’t worth owning for Nintendo’s games alone, it could result in serious repercussions.

E3 can’t come soon enough.

Source: Nintendo

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