Director Hideki Kamiya Commentates While Playing Bayonetta

Famous video game director, Hideki Kamiya, lets us step into his world for awhile to get some insider information on Platinum Games’ first game, Bayonetta. Near the beginning of the first video he admits that he is home alone, lonely, and playing some Bayonetta for us. This is sad enough, so let’s not make the guy beg for our attention.

Hideki talks about the initial climax scene, and how it was used to get attention for his new franchise.

Witch time wasn’t always triggered by dodging at the last second. The act of blocking was thought about, but the team decided to go for dodging instead:

Hideki admits he didn’t have much to do with the “Easy Automatic” mode. He learned after the game was released that there were beetles hidden in the game by one of the members of Platinum Games. Also, is everyone here aware that Hideki likes smaller breasts?

So far there are only three developer videos. Is he really going to play through the entire game with commentary? This could take awhile.

Here’s the official blog if you’d like to keep up to date with all of the commentary.

Source: Platinum Games’ blog

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