Ninja Turtles Concept Art Reveals Turtles with Guns?

Awhile back, news broke that a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie was in the works and that Transformers director Michael Bay was scheduled to helm the project. The project has been completely silent since the announcement. We recently received a tip from a credible source about concept art from the movie.

Our source says that the turtles were far more realistic and had hard-packed abs in the front rather than the bottom side of the turtle shell. They were also far more skinnier than we have seen in the past. One of the big noticeable differences in the turtles was that one of the them was holding a gun. The gun didn’t look like any specific model but it was a little futuristic, and the turtle even had a Bandolier wrapped around him.

Since when did Ninjas use guns?

No official image has been released yet but we have no reason to doubt that they may make their way to the internet soon enough.

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