Leaked Script Brings The Avengers Production to a Halt

A little over a week ago, we talked about how an anonymous person claimed that he had Samuel L Jackson’s script from The Avengers and would be willing to sell it for a price. Recently, production inside sources say that the news of the leaked script has cause production on the set to halt.

Multiple reports are coming in that production has indeed stopped on the film and that the team will re-write the scene that shown in the photos on ObsessedwithFilm.com

Awww, no “Hulk smash punty Carrier.” 🙁

Many sources claim that the script may have been stolen in Los Angeles or in Burbank, CA.

Still no official statement from Marvel on the subject and doubt there will ever be one. If Marvel were to come out confirm the script had been leaked then it would be all the more easier for the script to find a buyer.

Source: Film Fan Review


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