Industry Analysis Compares PSN Hack to Microsoft’s Red Ring of Death.

Sony’s debacle can’t help but be the main topic for so many websites. Recently, they announced their Costumer Appreciation Program but some say that it maybe too late. VP of Capital Research at EEDAR, Jesse Divinich, says that Sony has nothing to worry about because he believe it is similar to Microsoft’s Red Ring of Death.

“As a parallel, much like the Xbox 360 ‘red ring of death’ situation, consumers – especially gamers – are forgiving if they are treated correctly in difficult situations such as these.”

EEDAR does not believe that this security breach will have any long-term negative economical impact on the PlayStation Network environment.”

Comparing something that was a manufactured error and something that is a breach in security are entirely 2 different things. When people got the Red Ring of Death they didn’t fear that they may become victims of Identity Theft or that money would just disappear from their bank accounts.

The PSN hack was a huge disaster for Sony and I can’t wait til this years E3 Press Conference because it will definitely be the big elephant in the room.

Source: Now Gamer

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