Stephen Dorff Compares Himself to Han Solo in ‘Immortals’

Star Wars is badass. It’s so badass that 2 actors have already described their movies to be like Star Wars. The first one this week was Ryan Reynolds, as he talks about the universe being like Star Wars. Now we have an actor in Tarsem Singh’s Immortals joining in on the comparison.

Stephen Dorff (Blade) says that the character dynamic in Immortals is like the one in Star Wars with Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia.

“Immortals is kind of like, if you look at the Star Wars set up it’s kind of like I’m Han Solo, Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) is Princess Leia, this kid Henry Cavill plays the young Theseus and we kind of go after this evil king played by Mickey Rourke,” said Dorff. “It’s a sword and sandal movie, but I think it will be quite different. I think we will do justice to the 3D world as opposed to one of these films that are just converted to get on the bandwagon. Tarsem shoots 3D when it wants it to be in 3D, he shoots real 35 (mm) when he wants it to be in 35. It should be a visual splendor that will hopefully deliver something more than the normal film.”

Immortals opens November 11 in theaters wit Man of Steel star Henry Cavill as Theseus.

Source: Hollywood Outbreak

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