Move Aside DJ Hero N00Bz – The Pioneer DJM-T1 is Here to Take Your Soul!



Dear DJ Hero fan’s, throw out your game! If you have gotten to the point where you feel it is numbing down your competence only because you have utterly ‘pwned’ it, well then Dj Hero ex-fans here is your chance. Whip out your credit card, or steal one from your parents, and order one these. Say hello to the Pioneer DJM-T1 mixer with Traktor Scratch Duo software.

This is the mother of all mixers. Pioneer has made it so simple that all you have to do is plug in your CDJs, turntables,laptop and voilà! Off you go into rhythmic ecstasy.

The T1 has enough on board processor power that it will seamlessly recognize the Traktor Scratch software with a single USB hookup to PC or Mac computers. Adjustable torque cross faders for those scratching Dj’s,  no delay speed, better control placement, and on board control capability to go hand-in-hand with Traktor.

This duo probably already has one.


The Pioneer DJM-T1 professional mixer will be priced $1899, and will be available in July. Check out the specs bellow and DJ Jazzy Jeff giving his opinions on DJism, and the new T1.



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