Is ‘Shadows of the Damned’ Strange? This Dev Diary Confirms it.

Shinji Mikami and Goichi Suda have put together a new developer diary for Shadows of the Damned, and it’s got all kinds of weird things one normally wouldn’t see. Shinji and Goichi have a little fun with special effects, and then there’s that whole, “death by big boner”, thing. Yeah, that’s what the main character yells out when he kills them with his big boner gun. It’s even got a skull at the tip.

Garcia Hotspur enters a world in which the plants are alive and have faces. Japan's strict drug control? Not working.

I had already known that light would play a significant role in the game, but seeing visually what happens with it, it appears it’ll be more than an Alan Wake knock-off. Being stuck in hell, there is a lot of darkness around which empowers enemies. Players will visually see which areas darkness has saturated and must find special places in the environment they can shoot to bring in light. The game mechanically looks like it plays very similarly to Shinji’s other game, Resident Evil 4, except that you can move while aiming.
If there’s one thing this game has, it’s insanity filled to the brim. Goichi likes to call it, “f*cking punk”, but I’ll stick with my description.

Here’s that dev diary:

Source: Machinima
Via: Joystiq

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