Dark Horse’s Dungeon Siege III Comic is Online and Free

Dark Horse has joined forces with Square-Enix by creating a comic for their new PC game, Dungeon Siege III. To access the 10-page comic, you have to register, but it’s the fastest registration I’ve ever seen, so don’t let that hold you back.

The comic gives us a taste of the story in which the 10th Legion has been all but whittled away by a seemingly evil force called the Azunites. There is an especially strange twist at the end of this story, but I won’t spoil it for you. Make sure to sign up, and then click on the upper-right button that says, “Read Now”. Clicking the, “Click here to preview”, part will only get you a tiny fraction of the comic.

Also mentioned on the site is that pre-ordering Dungeon Siege III at Walmart will get you an exclusive 22-page comic with an all-new story.

Source: Dark Horse
Via: Joystiq

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