5 Ideas for Your (Geeky) Mothers’ Day Gifts (and What’s Thwipster?)

8 bit flower bouquet from from thinkgeek

Source: ThinkGeek

Don’t tell me you forgot about Mothers’ Day? Well, that’s what we are here for. To remind you that spending money NEVER stops. Even if you do not have a mother, I am sure that there is a female figure in your life that you want to shower with gifts, right? Ok, before we get too personal, let’s get to these really cool finds online.

To the left is probably the cutest thing I think a mother could receive. I have never really been a fan of real flowers, because they require care and eventually they die. Sad face. BUT there are fake flowers, and then there are THESE flowers. In your face with all of its 8-bit cuteness, these flowers will be a wonderful happy addition to anyone’s home decor or office cubicle. Of course only a girl who’s played Atari or old-school Nintendo would appreciate the vintage value in this bouquet.


usb typewriter

Source: Etsy

If you have a deeper pocket and really want to impress the special mother in your life, then you might want to take a look and these usb typewriters. A super cool concept that gives people who still love the vintage feel of the typewriter and staying true to their geeky ways. Great for people who are editors or copywriters. If you’re a bit unsure as to why you would want to dish out over $700 for this unique item, take a look at the specs of the products.




bespoken art, art that speaks volumes, picture of sound waves

Source: Bespoken Art

If you were unsure about the price tag on the typewriter, check these pieces of art out. For less than half the price of the typewriter, you could create a piece of art with… wait for it… YOUR voice. That’s right! You can choose to do a sound clip of a word or phrase, clip of someone singing, or a profile of just about any kind of sound of your choice. There’s an option to showcase multiple people’s voices reciting the same phrase or word.

Now for the geeky moms who are musically-inclined, there’s another option to showcase the sound profile of a song clip. She listens to the soundtracks of the X-Men movies. She loves Danny Elfman. She can recite the lyrics to all the Japanese themed songs to Final Fantasy. She writes her own songs. She plays the piano. Or, she’s just a woman who simply appreciates music. Either way, this is something that adds a super personal touch to sound and art in a totally different and unique way.


pizza pi cutter from thinkgeek

Source: ThinkGeek

No one really uses a pizza cutter anymore, and no one is really a math major anymore (just kidding- I went to Georgia Tech, I would know), but this item is so freakin’ novel, I die. One of my girl friends is a math major, and she has a child now. I can see her gleefully jumping high at the sight of this. For the women who bake pizzas in the oven for their children, this is such a cool way to cut it up. Maybe the design of this item helps it be more ergonomic? Whatever. Just get it. It’s cool!






thwipster logo

Source: Thwipster

This is quite possibly more for the buyer than it is for your mom, but it might assist in finding some nice, cheap items as a gift. Think of this website, Thwipster, as a combination of Living Social and your favorite comic book store. It looks like this website just launched not too long ago, and they say that they have plans in the future for original content that fully encompasses their geeky nature. Although they might not have much to sell right now, they are definitely someone we should keep an eye on.


Whatever you decide to get your mother, geeky or not, make sure it’s the gift she’ll remember (yeah, I think I stole that line from somewhere). What are you getting for your mom?

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