Rumor: Sucker Punch Has New IP, but Where’s Sly Cooper 4?

Although Sucker Punch is still slowly carving out the form that will become Infamous 2, there is now news that they’re working on an all-new exclusive PS3 title. Spanish site, PSNow!, apparently talked to a Sucker Punch spokesperson and was told that they’re working on a new game that is not Sly Cooper 4 or inFamous-related.

For some, this will be great news, as it’s always interesting to see a new IP from a well known developer. For Sly Cooper fans though, well, have they been misled? The creation of Sly Cooper 4 has been toyed with for several years now, and development on it was set aside for inFamous. Then in inFamous there was a semi-hidden hint that the game would eventually be created.

There was also that teaser trailer for Sly Cooper 4 found within the Sly Cooper Collection for PS3:

According to an old PSM article, Sly 4 was reportedly going to have significant interaction between the PSP and the PS3. However, now that the PSP is essentially out, perhaps Sucker Punch is working on including the NGP (PSP 2) in the game.

Considering that Sucker Punch seems to only develop one major title at a time, it’ll be interesting to see if they announce anything at E3. Have they upped their staff to be able to develop two titles at the same time? Is this story from PSNow! completely bogus?

Sources: PSNow!, PSX Extreme
Via: VG24/7,

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