How Do I Wear Tokidoki’s New Era Marvel Comic Hats?

tokidoki superhero hat

My friend, Alger, wearing a Tokidoki® hat

Upon first glance when I noticed these hats being sold on Tokidoki’s web store, I did not really think much of them. I mean, yeah, they are super cute and adorably drawn heroes on a flat-bill trucker-style hat, but I really could not see a target audience for this line. Then comes my friend.

I will say this outright: it definitely takes a more style-conscious individual to pull of these caps. With the intense colors and extreme pop-style, it can really come off juvenile. But take a secure, young man who dresses in fitted clothing and uses color sparingly but complimenting the hat’s colors, then you’ve got a fun street look with that touch of geek.

I realized that these hats have been out for some time now, but I really do want to address the way to wear hats like these. I am supposed to be the stylish one, right?

One thing I love about geek culture is that there’s always some kind of video about geek products. Here is one video that I ran into. Of course, I do not recommend shirtless like the guy, but this video will show you the collection of hats he has. He’s so happy:

Okay, so what are some recommendations for clothing when it comes to wearing these hats? Most people (ahem, guys) dress from shirt to pants to shoes then to hat. But in this case, you probably should start with the hat and dress around it. How do you do that? Just don’t overdo the colors in your outfit.

Here is a photo series from Paris Fashion Week in 2009 where most of the outfits complement well with Tokidoki’s hats. Click on the picture of Kanye West and friends to see more of the series on Hypebeast.

street shot in paris fashion week 2009 with kanye west

Image source: Hypebeast

Okay, maybe you don’t have to dress like leopard-print pants guy, but notice the use of colors in their outfits. The guy in the far right: if he weren’t wearing the blue vest, he’d look perfect with the hat above (the initial picture). There is a lot of layering going on in the picture, but I really want to show you the color aesthetic of an outfit.

Off hand, I’ll say that the best outfit for a hat like these will be a simple v-neck white t-shirt, a solid color track jacket, fitted jeans, and a solid, colored pair of hightops (see chucks). Let the hat speak for itself; but make sure not to excessively dress around such a bold hat, or else you’ll look like a child who honestly didn’t see what colors you threw on (or as we say in the fashion world, a hot mess).

For great styling ideas and “geek chic” looks, Details is a good magazine.

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