Law and Order: Criminal Intent Spoofs Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

According to TV Line the popular TV series Law and Order: Criminal Intent will be giving the $70 million musical disaster Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark its trademark treatment. The episode will center on a high flying and fast crashing show entitled Icarus where after a failed stunt a performer is killed.


The character of the director looks to be a parody of ex Spider-Man Musical director Julie Taymor who is described as ‘high-strung and larger-than-life’ and ‘a born-again drunk’. Also another character called Arno (*cough*Bono*cough*) is a secretly bisexual rock star composer who is cheating on his wife.  Wow, it doesn’t look like they’re going to pull any punches in this episode.


There is of yet no word on when the episode will air and Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark is currently postponed while a new creative team headed up by Philip William McKinley (The Night of the Hunter and The Boy from Oz) will be making LOTS of changes to the show.  The opening night is scheduled for June 14.


[Source: TV Line]

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