Hey, There’s an Interactive Super 8 Trailer in Portal 2!

Who would have thought that hidden with the new Portal 2 was a interactive trailer for the new film Super 8? Shortly after the games release, reports began to pop up of people who had stumbled upon the hidden teaser.

Apparently, this trailer is has only been seen on the PC Version. Hidden within the game, the trailer called “map e1912.” The teaser takes place inside the train that we’ve seen crash in the trailer. Following the crash, our character is able to walk around the through the debris leading up to the hatch being blown off the train card.

Pretty cool collaboration between Valve and Bad Robot. I doubt Valve has any plans to do a Super 8 game but it’s nice to see films and video games working together.

Stay tune for our review of Portal 2! “I’M IN SPACE!”
Source: Entertainment Weekly

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